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About This Course

This course provides you with an overview of core testing concepts and guides you to implement a DevOps testing process using the features available in the Visual Studio family. You will learn about the different test types, including automated and manual tests. You will also learn how to create unit, integration, UI & exploratory tests. Finally, you will learn how to perform load testing and take advantage of some of the advanced features in Visual Studio to improve your tests.

This course contains videos, text, demos, and hands-on labs – all catered to provide you with a solid understanding of testing in a DevOps environment. This training course is part of the DevOps Microsoft Learning path and focuses specifically on Testing.



This course is suitable for anyone involved in the development, delivery, and testing of software in an organization who is interested in learning and adopting Testing practices in a DevOps environment. A typical audience profile for this course will be a tester, developer or operations person who wants to learn how to incorporate DevOps testing in their software development process.

Prerequisites for this course:

  • Experience working inside an organization that delivers software.
  • Experience with software development using Microsoft tools and understanding of core development and testing principles.
  • A basic understanding of version control and the Agile software development process.
  • Basic understanding of DevOps or completion of the Introduction to DevOps Practices.

Course Staff

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Steven Borg

Steven Borg is the Co-Founder and Strategist of Northwest Cadence. Steven has been a Microsoft ALM MVP since product inception in 2005, speaks regularly at Software Development and Visual Studio conferences, and has authored Microsoft courseware and white papers on Team Foundation Server, regulatory compliance in software development, Scrum, and Lean. Steven has helped hundreds of organizations, both large and small, adopt Visual Studio ALM tools, improving their software development process, reducing costs, increasing quality and speeding delivery dates. His expertise lies in bringing successful lean and agile adoption to companies currently using traditional project management techniques to manage software development projects.

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Sachi Williamson

Sachi Williamson is a Cloud DevOps Consultant at Northwest Cadence. Recently, she has recorded testing courses for Microsoft Virtual Academy with Steven Borg on Testing in Visual Studio 2015 and Test-Driven Development. Sachi has worked with companies to improve their agility through build and deployment pipelines including automated testing.

Course Staff Image #2

JPS Kohli

JPS Kohli is the Founder CEO of Skill-Up Technologies, a skills-enablement, content development and technology consulting company based out of Seattle area. Prior to this, JPS spent 10 years at Microsoft where in his last role he was the Director for Online Training Products. He brings deep expertise in designing technical content, driving product readiness initiatives, and providing training services to help clients adopt new-age training solutions like Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), Video On-Demand training, and Flipped Learning. His key projects include launching Microsoft MOOC courses on, spearheading Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand, and launching India’s largest webstore for IT Products in 2001.


Frequently Asked Questions

What web browser should I use?

The Open edX platform works best with current versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari, or with Internet Explorer version 9 and above.

How many total hours should I plan for this course?

You should plan to spend about 16 - 24 hours in total to take this course. On a weekly basis, you can plan approx. 2 - 4 per week.

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