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Application Monitoring and Feedback Loops

About This Course

Welcome to the DevOps course Application Monitoring and Feedback Loops. This course is part of a series of courses offered by Microsoft on the practice of DevOps. While it is not required that you have completed any of the other courses in the DevOps series before taking this course, it is highly recommended that you start with the first course in the series. It is also recommended that you have experience working in Visual Studio. However, students who may not have a technical background in these technologies, but who are curious about DevOps practices as a culture shift, should be able to follow the procedural and expository explanations of application monitoring to understand monitoring, it's benefits, and how monitoring can be used as part of a DevOps practice. Monitoring is essential for DevOps teams to deliver at speed, get feedback from production, and increase customer satisfaction, acquisition, and retention.

This course will cover:

  1. General App Monitoring and Feedback Loop Practices and Principles, including different kinds of feedback, how it is used in different stages of the value stream, and its benefits; how different kinds of telemetry are used to collect data from monitoring, and who can benefit from telemetry; and, an introduction to Application Performance Management.
  2. Health and Performance Monitoring with Application Insights, including which features it contains, how to use it to monitor your application availability, usage, and performance; and, diagnostics.
  3. Log Analytics, including Operations Management Suite Log Analytics and for which scenarios it is used; how to set up and configure Log Analytics for data collection; how to use Log Analytics to search and analyze data; OMS solutions; how to configure visualizations; and, how to configure alerts.
  4. Third-Party Monitoring Tools, which introduces some of the most common third-party monitoring tools.

The course contains labs and demos for hands-on experience with the important concepts, procedures, and scenarios described in this course.

Labs and demos cover:

  • Setting up monitoring with Azure Application Insights
  • Monitoring web application availability
  • Searching and Analyzing monitoring data in Application Insights
  • Querying Application Insights data
  • Using Application Insights Application Maps
  • Setup and configuration data collection on Operations Management Suite (OMS) Log Analytics
  • Querying and analyzing data with OMS
  • Setting up alerts in OMS
  • Integrating Application Insights with OMS
  • Configuring and monitoring a web application with New Relic
  • Configuring and using Loggly


Experience working inside an organization that delivers software;

Fundamental knowledge of Azure and a basic understanding of version control and Agile software development process;

Experience with software development using Microsoft tools and understanding of core development principles.

Course Staff

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Tiago Pascoal

Tiago is a Microsoft MVP and has been a Visual Studio ALM Ranger since 2008. He has over 17 years experience in the software development field. He started his career developing a web application server on multi-platform systems, enabling people to write software that worked on both Un*x and Windows platforms. Currently, Tiago is a consultant on software development methodologies and software application lifecycle management implementations using Visual Studio to help teams support their development processes.

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  3. Estimated Effort

    8-16 hours total